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akubela SmartPanel: The Ultimate Smart Home Solution

Smart home technology has become increasingly popular over the years, and akubela‘s SmartPanel is a game-changer in the industry. It is an all-in-one smart home solution that combines intercom, home automation, and security features into a single device. With its intuitive interface and advanced technology, the SmartPanel offers unparalleled convenience, security, and control.

Customizable Scenes and Schedules

The akubela SmartPanel lets you customize scenes and create schedules effortlessly for your home security systems. With just a few taps on the touchscreen display, you can set up different scenes for different times of the day or specific events. For instance, you can create a “Goodnight” scene that turns off all the lights, locks all the doors, and arms the security system.

Intuitive User Interface

The SmartPanel features an intuitive user interface that allows you to take immediate control of your smart home. You can use the touchscreen display, your voice, or the akubela app to control your devices and access your security system. The app provides remote access to your SmartPanel, enabling you to manage your home environment from anywhere at any time.

Smart Intercom

akubela’s SmartPanel is also a smart intercom, enabling crisp audio and video calls with visitors and room-to-room communication between family members. The intercom also features face recognition technology, enabling quick and secure access control. With remote door unlocking, you can grant access to your home from anywhere.


akubela’s SmartPanel is the ultimate smart home solution, offering unparalleled convenience, security, and control. Its customizable scenes and schedules, intuitive user interface, smart intercom, and clutter-free design make it a must-have for modern living. With the SmartPanel, you can manage and control your smart home environment with ease, enabling you to experience the future of smart living.

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