Answers to Questions 3: What is the difference between a tight pair and basic notes?

Question about What can 3 pairs of pine needles do? is something that many Southern card players often ask. For experts, answering this question is not difficult. If you still don’t understand clearly, please join us to find out through Trang chủ New88 article below.

How are 3 pairs of information understood?

Before exploringjob To understand what the 3 pairs of communication can do, participants need to clearly understand their definitions. In the game Tien Len Nam, when you have three pairs in a row, it means you have three pairs. Therefore, in a deck of 52 cards, there will be a maximum of 10 pairs of cards in total.

What is the concept of 3 pairs of pine trees?

Among them, the triplet 3, 4, 5 are the three smallest pairs, while the triplet Q, K, A are the three largest pairs. In the 13 cards dealt to the player, you must have at least 6 cards with two pairs of three straight cards, so the possibility of getting this hand is very rare.

In a normal card game, what can 3 pairs get tight?

According to mathematical statistics, the possibility of three pairs of cards appearing in a hand is very small, just under 1%. This shows that this case is very rare and players need luck to own it. So what can 3 tight pairs do in one game to advance to the South?

Chop pigs

It is not difficult to recognize what 3 pairs of connections can do. Because the most obvious thing when owning three pairs of cards is that the player can beat any card. As we all know, the pig is the card with the highest value in the Southern deck. However, if we consider each card alone, no card can defeat the pig.

What is suitable for 3 pairs of tight pine needles?

However, when the cards are combined together, they create a great power and can completely defeat all the pigs in the deck. Even if there are only three small pairs like pair 3, pair 4, pair 5, they can still defeat the strongest pig.

Chop down 3 pairs of smaller pine trees

In addition to the above case, the player can also block three other pairs of cards if they have a smaller value. To make it easier to understand, if you have a trio of pair 8, pair 9, pair 10, you can cut a trio of pair 5, pair 6, pair 7. However, this happens very rarely in a game.

So, what does owning 3 pairs of tight thongs do? In fact, when you have three pairs of pine needles in your hand, you will have a huge advantage. You can win more easily, not only blocking the pig set but also taking down the smaller pine triples quickly and easily.

What are the rewards and punishments when 3 pairs are tight?

While we use three pairs of information, of course there will be cases that players will need to pay attention to as follows:

Case comes white

When participating in the game Tien Len Mien Nam, in addition to learning about what the 3 pairs can achieve, players also need to pay attention to the penalties and rewards in it. In the case of “coming white”, that is when you win immediately after dealing the cards. For the first games, if the player has three pairs connected to the 3 of spades or 3 of a kind, it will be easier to win.

Tight case

According to previous explanations, when having these three cards, the player can beat a pig card or three smaller pine cards. If defeated, the player will be fined the full amount according to the house’s rules.
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Regulations on rewards and punishments for holding 3 pairs of pine needles

The case is rotten

There are many cases that can occur when encountering a situation where three pairs of pine trees rot. Usually, bookmakers will apply the rule that the player who owns the last or second row of hands will be penalized. The row here can be three pairs of pine, four pairs of pine, four of a kind… However, there are still some bookies that allow players who win the last row of games to have the right to chop the pig according to normal rules.

The trick is to win when holding 3 pairs of cards

Once you understand what 3 pairs can do, the last thing you should know is the trick to win when you have it in hand.

Consider the strength of the cards in your hand

Before using special combinations like three pairs of pine, you need to consider whether your hand can be exploited or not. If you have the ability, you can absolutely use this strategy to get points. At that time, you will have the right to go first and quickly remove unnecessary cards to easily win.

Tricks to play when holding 3 pairs of pine needles

Arranging cards properly also brings high efficiency

Once you have 13 cards in hand, the player needs to know how to arrange them wisely to be able to defeat other cards, whether they are weak or strong. No matter how beautiful the deck of cards is, if you don’t know how to arrange them properly, the chance of losing will be very high. Therefore, in addition to learning about what 3 pairs of cards can do, it is also necessary to learn how to arrange cards for maximum effectiveness.


New88’s article answered questions about What can 3 pairs of pine needles do? and share a lot of useful information about how to combine this special article. Use these great card tips to become a good gambler.

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