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Boost Efficiency with Vippai’s VPD98-4 Cosmetics Facial Mask Packing Machine

In the world of cosmetics, efficiency and flexibility are crucial for success. Vippai presents the VPD98-4 Cosmetics Facial Mask Packing Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the packaging of sheet masks. This automatic face mask machine boasts high output, with a speed reaching 100-150 bags per minute. It accommodates various bag types, including special-shaped bags like teardrop-shaped, semicircle-shaped, and boots-shaped bags. With transparent visibility throughout the packaging process and an intelligent monitoring system, this machine ensures maximum safety, efficiency, and adaptability for different mask packaging needs.

High Output and Versatility for Efficient Mask Packaging

The VPD98-4 Cosmetics Facial Mask Packing Machine stands out for its high output capabilities. With a remarkable speed of 100-150 bags per minute, this machine significantly increases production efficiency. Moreover, it offers exceptional versatility by accommodating various bag types, including unique shapes like teardrop, semicircle, and boots. Vippai’s dedication to adaptability allows cosmetic manufacturers to meet diverse packaging requirements and enhance overall productivity.

Transparent and Visible Packaging Process

Vippai understands the importance of transparency in the packaging process. The VPD98-4 machine provides a transparent and visible packaging process, allowing operators to monitor and ensure the quality of each mask package. This feature plays a crucial role in maintaining consistency and meeting the highest standards. By incorporating transparency, Vippai empowers manufacturers to have full control and confidence in their mask packaging operations.

Intelligent Monitoring System for Optimal Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are paramount in the cosmetic industry. The VPD98-4 Cosmetics Facial Mask Packing Machine incorporates an intelligent monitoring system to ensure maximum safety and performance. This system guarantees the safe and efficient operation of the machine, safeguarding both the product and operators. By prioritizing safety and efficiency, Vippai provides a reliable solution that meets the stringent requirements of the cosmetics market.


Vippai’s VPD98-4 Cosmetics Facial Mask Packing Machine revolutionizes the packaging process for sheet masks. With high output capabilities, versatility in accommodating various bag types, transparent visibility, and an intelligent monitoring system, this machine enhances efficiency, safety, and adaptability. Renowned brands like Korea Mediheal, JAYJUN Cosmetic, New Zealand Essano, US Yesto, Poland Marion Sp. z o.o, and UK Egg Cream Mask have all trusted Vippai as their partner. Invest in Vippai’s mask packing machine to optimize your cosmetics production, meet market demands, and achieve unparalleled results in efficiency and packaging quality.

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