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Elevate Warehouse Efficiency with AIVISON’s AMR Forklift

In the dynamic landscape of warehouse automation, AIVISON stands out with their cutting-edge AMR Forklifts. The Laser SLAM Stacker SFL-CDD14, a flagship model, is poised to redefine efficiency in material handling, setting a new standard for robotic forklift trucks.

Unveiling Real Laser SLAM Technology

AIVISON’s commitment to innovation is exemplified by the SFL-CDD14’s integration of Real Laser SLAM technology. This sophisticated system allows the forklift to navigate and map its surroundings with unmatched precision. Unlike traditional methods, deployment is seamless without the need for reflectors, ensuring a hassle-free setup that saves both time and resources.

The AMR Advantage: Embracing Robotic Forklift Trucks for Smarter Operations

In a world where efficiency is paramount, AIVISON’s AMR forklifts stand as the epitome of intelligence and adaptability. These robotic forklift trucks, led by the SFL-CDD14, bring a new level of autonomy to material handling processes, streamlining operations and minimizing human intervention.

SFL-CDD14: Laser SLAM Stacker Smart Forklift

The Laser SLAM Stacker Smart Forklift SFL-CDD14 is the star of AIVISON’s AMR lineup. Its prowess lies in the seamless integration of Laser SLAM technology, offering real-time mapping capabilities. This not only enhances navigation but also ensures precise and efficient material handling in dynamic warehouse environments.

Deploy with Ease: No Reflectors Required

Ease of deployment is a game-changer in the realm of automation, and AIVISON understands this well. The SFL-CDD14 eliminates the need for reflectors, simplifying the setup process. This means quicker implementation, reduced downtime, and a smoother transition to automated operations.


As businesses strive for heightened efficiency and reduced operational costs, AIVISON’s AMR forklifts, especially the Laser SLAM Stacker SFL-CDD14, emerge as game-changers. With real Laser SLAM technology, easy deployment, and a commitment to innovation, AIVISON sets the stage for a new era in warehouse automation. Embrace the future of material handling with AIVISON’s AMR forklifts, where precision meets autonomy for unparalleled efficiency.

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