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NIC Dental’s MR&R System: Revolutionary Perforation Repair in Endodontics

In the field of endodontics, perforations during root canal procedures can pose significant challenges. However, with the innovative MR&R system developed by NIC Dental, a breakthrough in perforation repair has been achieved. This article explores the capabilities of NIC Dental’s MR&R System in repairing perforations and delivering biomaterials for optimal endodontic outcomes.

Repairing Perforations with Precision

Perforations of the pulp floor or root canal wall can occur during root canal treatments, often as a result of operational mishaps. NIC Dental’s MR&R System enables precise repair of these perforations by utilizing two national patents. The system effectively delivers mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and other biomaterials, facilitating the healing process and ensuring the preservation of natural teeth.

Saving Teeth with Enhanced Functionality

Thanks to the MR&R System, teeth that have suffered perforations can be saved and regain their functionality. By repairing the perforations and delivering MTA or other biological materials, the MR&R System promotes effective healing of the pulp and eliminates the need for further endodontic treatment. This conservative approach allows patients to retain their natural teeth, resulting in improved oral health and overall well-being.

Creating Permanent Apical Barriers

In cases where root canal barrier pasty is required, the MR&R System proves invaluable. The system utilizes MTA and other bio-materials to prepare a permanent apical barrier, ensuring optimal sealing and preventing further complications. By successfully creating the apical barrier, the MR&R System facilitates efficient root canal filling, enhancing the long-term success of endodontic procedures.


NIC Dental’s MR&R System has revolutionized perforation repair in endodontics. With its advanced design, research, and development based on two national patents, this system enables precise repair of perforations, delivers biomaterials, and saves teeth with enhanced functionality. By leveraging the MR&R System, dental professionals can achieve successful outcomes in endodontic treatments, ensuring the long-term oral health and satisfaction of their patients.

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