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Thermal protectors: vital safety and security equipment

The use of electrical equipment is a necessity in everyday life. All heat-generating equipment must have thermal protectors installed to avoid appliance overheating and assure safety.

A thermal protector is what?

A thermal protector is a safety tool used to guard against overheating of electrical equipment.

Thermal protectors are available in a variety of forms and dimensions and may be used in a variety of appliances, including range hoods and microwaves, which call for various kinds and sizes of heaters.

How do individuals utilize thermal protectors as safety equipment?

For electrical equipment, thermal protectors are crucial safety protection tools. The danger of overheating and fire is decreased with the use of thermal protectors:

When the electrical appliance’s current grows and the ambient temperature rises and exceeds the thermal protector’s predetermined temperature, the circuit may be immediately cut off to safeguard the electrical appliance. The contacts may automatically shut once the object reaches a safe temperature, restoring the electrical appliance to normal operation. The thermal protector also serves as an overcurrent protector because when a circuit is shorted or a motor is stopped, the bimetallic sheet experiences a thermal effect from the current’s fast rise, which the thermal sensitive sheet may immediately shut off by using the torque principle.

Therefore, when equipment like refrigerators or microwaves is overworked, thermal protectors may immediately switch off the power, averting more dangerous problems like fire incidents.

Products for Thermal Protection from Saftty

  1. Round thermal protector ST01: With excellent certification, the ST01 series is a small thermal protector switch. The maximum working voltage is 500VAC/60VDC, and the temperature range is 60 to 250 degrees. High operating efficiency and strong sealing performance characterize the ST01 series thermal protector. It is also the first round or button-shaped thermal protector produced in China to get certification from organizations like CQC, UL, and TUV.
  2. BW-BCM iron shell thermal protector: With its compact size, high strength, and resistance to high temperatures, BW series thermal protectors are specifically utilized for motors, rechargeable battery packs, and other items. A rapid-action bimetal, with a quick reaction time, is installed within. For effective sealing, it also incorporates an anti-vacuum dipping procedure.


Whether in the kitchen or a production plant, thermal protectors are crucial safety and protection equipment for anybody working with electrical equipment. They not only assist in preventing harm to the user’s gadget but also safeguard the user’s safety.

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