What is lottery prediction? How to predict lottery numbers to find 100% accurate numbers

Lottery prediction It’s really important when playing the lottery. Understanding how to predict the lottery will help bettors find more accurate results. Let’s Daga88 Read the following article to understand important information about how to play this lottery.
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Concept of lottery prediction

When playing the lottery or any other betting sport, we all need to understand reasonable methods, terminology, and calculations. Once you have absorbed those things, you can participate safely and increase your winning rate.

Lottery prediction is a method based on historical analysis of previous lottery draws. Bettors make observations to find common points between previous lottery draws, called “bridge”. From the demand, we will continue to rely on the rules to predict the numbers that may appear in the next prize distribution.

There are 3 types of people when playing online lottery: Playing based on dreams, based on emotions and betting on lottery numbers. 

For dream betting, people will rely on spiritual factors to analyze the numbers.

Prediction is a method with clear grounds. Because everything in the lottery results will be cyclical.

Of course, well-founded choices always bring greater efficiency. Therefore, the method of predicting lottery numbers is applied by many people.

There are many ways to do this bridge analysis job. Each solution will have different pros and cons, along with different accuracy rates. Below are the two most prominent types of prediction that lottery players can refer to:

  • Analysis based on prizes in lottery results: When applying this method, lottery players must monitor the results of the drawing for many consecutive days to see the relationship between them. The frequency of each rule will run for about 5 – 7 weeks. Set the bridge rotation period based on that frequency.
  • Predicting on the basis of pairs of numbers in the lottery: This method of predicting lottery numbers is simpler. Less effort and no more calculations. The most important thing is for everyone to see the odd-even rule and how to jump in money on the right day.
  • Dynamic prediction: Players use software or supporting algorithms to analyze the cycle of numbers appearing. This method is quite simple, even people who are not tech-savvy can do it. However, we need to find quality tools and reputable supply partners.

Similarities and differences of 3-region lottery predictions

Although the form of lottery prediction has many similarities, there are still some differences between the three regions. Bookmaker Daga88 will specifically deploy:


All three regions, North, Central and South, conduct lottery numbers at 6:15 p.m. every day. Usually, the lottery player in any area will play in that area. Because it will be closer and more convenient when you get to the place where the number is recorded.

But now at online betting sites, gamers can play lotteries in all 3 regions with just a few quick steps.

The numbers will be used to feed in a 3, 5, 7, 10 day frame. Some methods will give you a pair of lottery numbers to eat on the same day.

You can easily do this work anywhere and at any time. Tools can be a notebook and pen or a phone or computer. All are free and provide great support for you to hunt for good numbers.
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Everyone can join groups, online pages, online forums, etc. which are places for people in the world to share experiences or some tips for lottery prediction.


The common points are very clear, next we will learn the differences when predicting lottery numbers in 3 regions.


  • Predicting the North, you will find the numbers of the prizes: Special, cross lotto, bridge lotto, white player, double lotto,…
  • Predictions that the Central and Southern regions will only have: Special prizes, 3-number lotteries, 3-number lotteries.

Rewards station:

  • The North has only 1 prize drawing station applicable to all provinces.
  • The South and Central regions will have more stations, of course not covering each province but the number will only stop at 5 or 6.

The steps for cyclical lottery prediction are easy but extremely accurate

When playing lottery in any province, a nearby lottery station will be checked to determine the frequency of results. In addition, we will analyze based on the purpose of the numbers we want to find whether it is short or long, white or loto. Choose a website that synthesizes lottery results to get data and follow the process. In those pages, we will summarize the results of live loto, double lotto, rhythm lotto, white hand,… based on the type of result we want to predict and we get the correct data.

Step 01: Find the list of lottery results of each period. If you play in the Central or the South, you need to find the exact day that station is filming.

Step 02: Determine the type of bridge you want to bet on: white players or lotto.

Step 03: Calculate the daily margin of demand. The date will be calculated from the starting date of lottery prediction.

Step 04: Choose amplitude.

That means the lottery player determines the number of days to compile the results. Calculate from the day edge forward. There is no specific convention for determining the amplitude for prediction. 

But expert experience shows that the longer the cycle is chosen, the less demand there is.

Lottery prediction websites usually take results from over 30 days, but in reality, quite a few numbers run with cycles that long. Therefore, choosing a range of 3 – 7 days will be most reasonable.

Step 05: Look at the prizes to find the best pair of lots. Based on the statistical table, there will be a list of heads from 0 – 9. Below is the number of times that head appears at this exact position.

You should turn the plot over or, more carefully, consider the yin and yang shade to cover the result. Thus, the winning rate is maximized.

Lottery prediction tips for bettors

Bookmaker Daga88 will reveal to you 3 more lottery prediction experiences from experts. 

Predict the white lottery numbers

We only take the lottery results of the previous 2 consecutive days to perform today’s lottery prediction. The signal of this method is very positive compared to analyzing special prizes or betting on heads and tails.

Predictions by days of the week

Another way to predict lottery numbers to help improve lottery playing efficiency is to predict the days of the week. 

First, you need to consider the white card to proceed with adding numbers to the day you want to play. At that time, a prosperous number will be formed.

For example: If a lottery player wants to bet on the pair 41, today is Thursday, he will get the pair 415 and 541.

Parity day analysis

Similar to the way of predicting according to the day of the week. But the difference is that we choose the white lottery number to match with the last number of that day. 

For example: On the 16th, you choose the white number 29. We predict the lottery number 629 and 296.

The way to perform analysis is quite simple, without needing to synthesize a lot of data or complex observations.

Above is related content about how to predict lottery numbers Daga88 lottery want to introduce to everyone. Hopefully through the article, you have a clear understanding of this lottery prediction method to apply to the game of making money.

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