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Decoding Din electronics as Your Capacitor Crafting Partner

When seeking high-quality film capacitors, Din electronics stands out among capacitor manufacturers. Their C14 High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors are gaining attention for their exceptional performance in various applications.

Understanding C14 Capacitors

Din electronics as one of the reliable capacitor manufacturers introduces the C14 series, featuring high voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitors designed for durability and reliability. With a temperature range of -40~105℃, these capacitors are engineered to withstand challenging operating conditions.

Versatile Voltage Options

Din electronics caters to diverse requirements with voltage options ranging from 630V to 2000V. This extensive range allows for flexibility in designing electronic circuits across different industries. Whether it’s a low-voltage application or a high-power system, Din electronics has a capacitor solution to meet the specifications.

Capacitance Precision

The C14 series boasts a capacitance range from 0.001μF to 0.036μF, offering engineers the precision needed for fine-tuning electronic circuits. This variability is crucial for applications where specific capacitance values are required to achieve optimal performance.

Reliability Under Extreme Conditions

Din electronics ensures the C14 capacitors maintain stability and functionality in extreme temperatures. With a temperature range spanning from -40 to 105℃, these capacitors are suitable for applications where temperature fluctuations are common.

Applications Across Industries

Whether it’s in automotive, telecommunications, or industrial equipment, Din electronics’ C14 capacitors find applications in diverse industries. Their reliability and performance make them a preferred choice for engineers and designers aiming to enhance the efficiency and longevity of electronic systems.


In the realm of capacitor manufacturers, Din electronics distinguishes itself with the C14 High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors. Engineers and designers seeking reliability, precision, and versatility in film capacitors can find a dependable solution in the C14 series. With a commitment to quality, Din electronics continues to provide capacitor solutions that meet the evolving needs of the electronic industry.

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