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Edan’s SD3 Series: Highly Sensitive Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring for Precise Assessments

Monitoring the fetal heart rate accurately is essential for determining the pregnancy’s unborn child’s wellbeing. Edan‘s SD3 Series guarantees simple and trustworthy fetal heart rate monitoring with its ideal design. We will examine the main advantages and features of Edan’s SD3 Series in this post, emphasizing how it transforms fetal heart rate monitoring.

Highly Sensitive Probe for Early Detection

The SD3 Series by Edan features a highly sensitive 3 MHz probe that enables healthcare professionals to detect fetal heart rates as early as 9 weeks gestation . The probe’s exceptional sensitivity ensures accurate and reliable monitoring, allowing for early detection of any potential abnormalities.

Record & Play for Comprehensive Data Management

The SD3 Series offers the ability to record FHR data and sound, with a storage capacity of up to 240 seconds . This feature allows healthcare professionals to capture and review fetal heart rate information at a later time, facilitating comprehensive data analysis and documentation. The recorded data and sound can also be used for educational purposes, enhancing communication and understanding between healthcare providers and their patients.


A game-changer in fetal heart rate monitoring, Edan’s SD3 Series is equipped with a highly sensitive probe with record/play functionality. Edan’s SD3 Series improves the monitoring experience and fosters the best care for expecting moms and their unborn children by placing a high priority on sensitivity, convenience, and thorough data management. Fetal heart rate monitoring is now more accurate and efficient thanks to Edan’s SD3 Series, assuring the wellbeing of both mother and child throughout the course of pregnancy.

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