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Inverter Hybrid 3KW of IEETek: Towards off-grid energy self-sufficiency

IEETek is a well-known name in the renewable energy sector, offering a range of innovative products designed to meet the changing energy needs of consumers.   Hybrid pv inverters are classic products specially designed for residential electricity. And the Hybrid Inverter 3KW is the best in their portfolio, offering reliable power, intelligent management and unrivaled performance.

Maximize the potential of solar panels

The Inverter Hybrid 3KW is an inverter off grid 3KW. It maximizes off grid functionality and employs advanced technology that combines the benefits of a solar inverter and battery charger. It is equipped with MPPT technology to maximize the potential of the solar panels by optimizing the solar output, thus increasing the system’s overall efficiency.

Support for different energy inputs

One of the primary advantages of this inverter is its ability to handle multiple sources of energy input. Apart from being compatible with solar panels, it can also charge via the utility grid or a diesel generator. This versatility gives users the freedom to choose the most suitable and affordable energy source for their specific needs.

Provide adequate security protection

Moreover, this inverter incorporates comprehensive protection features to ensure long-term durability and safety. It includes overcharge and over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, and automated shutdown in case of abnormal conditions.  These robust built-in safety mechanisms not only safeguard the inverter but also protect the connected devices and appliances.


In conclusion, IEETek’s Inverter Hybrid 3KW is a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for off-grid single-phase PV systems. Its ability to seamlessly integrate various energy sources, robust performance, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for residential and small commercial applications. With this inverter, users can harness the power of the sun, reduce their dependence on the grid, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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