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Mornsun: A One-Stop Power Solution Provider

Electricity, machining, automation, metallurgy, mining, vehicles, etc., require power products. Industrially, we prioritize power product dependability. Here’s a look at common industrial application environmental considerations.

Industrial environmental considerations

Industrial environmental uses of power products covered in this article are confined to basic climate-protected locations that are indirectly impacted by the sun, wind, rain, and other climatic elements. Industrial pollution affects these habitats. The primary environmental issues power products confront in industrial settings may be categorized as follows:

Influence of common application environment elements


High temperatures increase the failure rate of electronic components and lower their life, such as electrolytic capacitor life is significantly reduced at high temperatures; within the limit temperature, a 10°C rise halves the life;

Low-temperature condition: the electrolyte of the electrolytic capacitor freezes, the capacity drops, and the power supply is difficult to start or won’t start.

Due to the wide application area of industrial products, large day-night temperature differences, wide temperature ranges, and temperature changes cause electronic device parameters to drift, causing equipment not to work normally and thermal expansion and cold contraction of mechanical structures to be inflexible or stuck.

Therefore, consider a power supply with a broad working temperature range. For example, Mornsun power supply devices are designed with temperature drift characteristics of device parameters, and device selection fully considers the operating temperature range and leaves the relevant allowance.

2) Pressure

Altitude affects air pressure. Reduced air density at high altitudes reduces the product’s heat dissipation performance. The thermal design should allow considerable tolerance, and the heating device should be derated. Derating, heat dissipation, and safety standards should be addressed while developing high-altitude goods. Mornsun’s 5000-meter power supply is suited for high-altitude applications.


High relative humidity and high temperatures are common in tropical and southern summer rainforests.

4) Frozen frost

Large day-night temperature differences, abrupt temperature changes, heavy rain, and fog promote condensation. Some are intermittently working goods may create condensation when switched on in the morning if they are shut off in the cold at night. Condensation causes short circuits, weakened insulation, and electrochemical corrosion.

5) Dust

Dust is hygroscopic and conductive

Hygroscopic conductive dust: When deposited on power supply PCBAs, it absorbs moisture and reduces product insulation and corrosion.

Conductive dust appears in many industrial environments and reduces insulation resistance, causing ignition and arc. A short circuit causes the machine to detonate.

6) Fog

Long-trm salt spray corrosion affects power supply dependability. For example, the settlement circuit board may cause short circuit failure. This product structure design and processing technology should include preventive measures.


This article addresses environmental issues smps power supply may meet in diverse applications and industrial needs. For example, Mornsun has a skilled R&D team and years of product and industry application expertise to satisfy product line demands.

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