One of SMPO’s Top-Selling Vape

For people looking for a tried-and-true disposable rechargeable vape with 2% nicotine, go no further than SMPO, a leader in the vape industry. Their patented 2% nicotine vape is a huge hit with vapers everywhere, and its flavor stays true throughout every puff.

The increasing popularity of vaping

As a substitute for smoking cigarettes, vaping is gaining popularity. Some people are switching to vaping because of the positive effects on their health. One of SMPO’s best-selling products is a 2% nicotine vape, which is often seen as the driving force behind the rise in vaping’s popularity.

Vaping is popular because it may mimic the sensation of smoking cigarettes without the negative health effects. E-liquid contains nicotine, which has the same function as cigarettes but none of the negative health effects of burning tobacco.

To what extent does nicotine affect the body?

The stimulating effects of nicotine are felt throughout the neurological system. When ingested, nicotine raises the body’s metabolic rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Dopamine levels in the brain are raised by nicotine, which may lead to euphoria. These results often only endure for about an hour and then fade away.

Most people choose 2% nicotine e-liquid since it’s stimulating enough without overwhelming. A 2% nicotine solution is a decent compromise for those who wish to experiment with nicotine but don’t want to be overcome by it.


The most popular vape juice from SMPO has 2% nicotine. Tobacco, mint, and menthol are just a few of the tastes available in the company’s nicotine salt e-liquids. All of our flavors are created with a specific consumer demographic in mind.

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