Reverse email lookup: 10 free email address search tools

You might be interested in finding out who owns an email account. You might be sending a private message, and you don’t want it to offend anyone. You might have discovered recently that your spouse is sending emails to their ex-girlfriend. What are your options? Reverse email lookup tools are one of the easiest ways to find out who sent an email. It can be difficult to choose the right reverse email lookup tool among the many available. We have compiled a list with 10 free email lookup tools that will help you locate any email address that you are looking for. This blog contains the top 4 email lookup tools.

SearchPeopleFree – Reverse email lookup in minutes

RealPeopleSearch – View the Email Details

Instant – Handle Multiple Email Searches Quickly

PeopleFinders A Trustworthy Way to Search for an Email

Part 1: SearchPeopleFree-Reverse Email Lookup in Just Minutes

SearchPeopleFree allows you to search for people using their email addresses. There are many advanced features available, including filters and how to find possible matches. You can also search for full-text. Although it isn’t free for life, it’s well worth it because it is super fast and accurate. This tool can locate any email address, even if the sender hides their name or hides the mail server name.

This tool pulls data from public, court, and marriage records. The interface is easy to use and great. Simply enter the email address that you want to search for information about, and click the “Start Search” button. The results are displayed in a table with all the necessary information. This tool’s ability to identify probable matches is the real strength. This tool uses your email address to search for more information about the person on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other online profile. You can share this feature with your friends to verify that their email addresses are correct, regardless of whether they have any online information.


Simple user interface.

High accuracy

International searches are possible.

It is great for finding potential matches, as it checks other profiles on Social Media to verify if they are correct.


This tool is only available online.

Part 2: RealPeopleSearch- Reveal the Email Details

Sometimes it can be frustrating to search for an email address online. What is the difference between “/”, and “-“? RealPeopleSearch gives you the easiest way to find an email address. Enter your email address into the box at the top and hit the search button. Voila!

Multiple accounts are possible with certain email providers (Gmail Yahoo HotMail), but impossible with others (Outlook). This service will not work if your email provider has not been listed. Real People Search is a service that you can use to help you find people via social networks. Please enter your email address in the search box to begin using the service. Your email address will not be shared with anyone. The site respects your privacy.


It is easy to use.

It is fast.

You must have an email address to be able to use the service.

It can be used on multiple devices.

It’s completely free! It’s compatible with all browsers!


This service has one major drawback: it doesn’t have a full text search engine for third-party links.

Part 3: Instant checkmate – Quickly handle multiple email searches

There are many things people want when it comes to email addresses. They may need the information to contact a friend or relative, others need it to market their business and other times they just need it to check out contact information for a public figure. This tool makes it easy to search for information. InstantCheckmate is a public record directory and people search directory. It has access to billions of records, and information about individuals and businesses. With all their tools, it is possible to search their database for email addresses. The service will tell you which contact information matches your search results, and the state and city where it is located. Instant Checkmate also allows you to do a reverse email address look.


Their database contains millions of records, each of which can be searched using the contact information.

You don’t need to register to use their service. Anyone can use the search tool for a quick search.

It takes just minutes to find the contact information you need for the specific business or person you are searching for.

Part 4: PeopleFinders- A Genuine Way to Search for an Email

PeopleFinders is the best tool for finding email addresses that target people on social media sites. This tool will allow you to find the social media accounts of another person, which is a must if you wish to stalk them. You can search for an email address on a particular website like Tumblr and tinder. This is useful even if it’s not publicly accessible, most often because it’s associated with work or family. To search for people on other websites, you can create an email address search. You can also see results from LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook is great for finding friends (or your ex-partners) and LinkedIn, while not as popular as it once was, still has many professional contacts. The information it collects is fairly accurate, as it draws from public databases.


It’s very simple to use and can be used by almost anyone

PeopleFinders uses public databases to produce the results. The results are extremely detailed and precise.

You can either create an email search free of charge or upgrade to a premium subscription.


It is not available everywhere.

The premium account doesn’t include unlimited searches.

Part 5: TruthFinder – Reverse Email Search with Large Database

Truthfinder is one of the most popular resources to reveal information about an individual’s identity. TruthFinder does not require you to provide a name or email address. They have a huge database of approximately 150 million records that contains detailed information about approximately 85% US adults. This is huge data. If you’re looking for information on people you know and people you don’t know, this is the place for you.

We all know that social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook can be used to find out more about people we don’t know. You can search for any person you want and get all the information we need. All of this information is public and free. TruthFinder, on the other side, requires that you pay some money, but you can access private information like email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of people from all over the country.


User-friendly interface.

Very comprehensive database.

Find out valuable information about unknown persons for free. You don’t need a credit card.


Many of the results do not include key information such as phone numbers and addresses. To avoid disappointment with insufficient information, it is important to do thorough research. Once you have their phone number or email address, you can ask for additional information.

Part 6: FindPeopleFast- Accurate In-depth Email Report

FindPeopleFast is an internet people search engine that offers public records. It is the only search engine that can check your email address to ensure accuracy. You can use it to find your future partner, employee or lost friend. FindPeopleFast allows users to search business information such as permits and licenses.

FindPeopleFast’s unique feature is its use of live data from government sources. This allows it to provide accurate contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. Others’ search engines depend on outdated, incomplete or faulty data. FindPeopleFast has more accurate data which allows you to reach your next customer, employee, or college roommate faster. It is not only the fastest way to find someone but also the easiest. It’s both personal and business-friendly.

You can reach out to your customers via phone or email if you are a business owner. This is a great way to build relationships and increase sales. FindPeopleFast can be used to find information on competitors and their marketing strategies. FindPeopleFast makes it easy to create your job-seeker profile online for recruitment purposes on major job sites such as or CareerBuilder.


FindPeopleFast has the only person search engine that provides an accurate email tool.

You have the ability to find your next customer or employee.

It’s easy to reach out to people you know and want to learn more about.

This online people search service is free and there is no subscription fee.


Some personal and business search sites may not provide enough information about good and bad email addresses.

There is no indication of how many emails this site received during the use of this service.

Check out FindPeopleFast Now!

Part 7: CocoFinder, A Superlative Reverse Mail Search Directory

It is difficult to be productive if you don’t know who your email addresses are or where they are located. CocoFinder was created to help you locate email addresses for any domain. CocoFinder is an excellent resource for finding email addresses. It has more than 300 million addresses from public domains around the globe.

CocoFinder, unlike other online reverse email directories that are scams and hoaxes, is a real search directory that will allow you to locate an email address from any domain. The email search engine can help you find any domain name or web address. It compiles all contacts into one list. To find out the owner of the domain, simply type the web address or domain name into the search box. CocoFinder can be used as an email address lookup website to retrieve email addresses from deleted domains or Internet addresses.


It is easy to use.

It provides an email address lookup tool for all domains and web addresses.

It can be used to verify the contact information for any domain or web address.

This website can be used to search for email addresses and save them from deleted domains or Internet addresses. You can browse the site above with respectable search results.


It is too large to be handled comfortably.

You can do a reverse email lookup with CocoFinder now!

Part 8: TruePeopleSearch- Search Email Addresses by Name Easily

Truepeoplesearch take pride in providing accurate background reports, criminal record overviews, as well as other information that can be used to help people find each other online. Their mission is to find missing loved ones and reunite families with them, no matter how long ago they may have been absent.

Although it is relatively new, the search engine is still limited. It does however provide easy access to millions (yes, millions) of email addresses along with their corresponding names and contact numbers. It is very easy to use the website. TruePeopleSearch will begin searching for email addresses based on the information you have provided once your information has been submitted. To verify that a match has been found, the search engine sends all email addresses it finds to “a secondary site”.


Even if an email address is temporarily disabled (not verified), it still works

You can find email addresses regardless if any servers are being used. This is true regardless of your IP address.


Due to limited resources, searching the vast database can take time. It can take up 24 hours to search for a person or company. Common names searches can take up to 10 minutes, but the results can vary.

Part 9: Lookup someone with an email address – BeenVerified

BeenVerified’s address lookup tool offers many useful features. These include reverse phone lookups and email addresses. It takes only a few clicks for you to find the answer to your search query. You can search for the name, gender, or even photos of the person.

Let’s take, for example, Lauren Wood’s email. Enter Lauren Wood’s first and last names into the search box. The tool will then instantly show you the emails. It is free and easy to use. It searches the entire internet and has over 1,000,000 email addresses.

This tool also has privacy options if you are interested in anonymity. It won’t confirm your email address with a third party company and will show you a signature that informs the owner that the email address isn’t fraudulent. This program is ideal for parents, businesses, journalists, and anyone who needs to locate people’s email addresses.


Comprehensive search tool

Compatible with all devices

Secure and private 100%

It is easy to use. It is easy to use, simply enter your name.


Social profiles are not able to search for people’s names. (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Part 10: Spokeo (200 words) – Great for Background Checks

Spokeo is an easy-to-use search engine that helps users discover their background or learn more about them. Spokeo is similar to Google but has the additional features of a social network and advanced search engine. Spokeo can be used to find current and past employers, check out potential love interests (just make sure they are not in a friend-only group online), and even show which celebrities are seeking love in your local area.

Many people find it a huge deal to see who is viewing their profile on social media. This could be your potential employer, or even your future partner. Spokeo can help you discover who is watching you, regardless of the situation. It’s completely free. This simple but powerful tool can help you quickly build relationships with your Facebook friends.


It is simple to use

Service provided at no cost

This site helps people to find friends and family on social networking sites


Some online profiles may not be reliable


A reverse email lookup can be a simple and straightforward way to determine who is sending you messages. There are many other lookup tools, such as, that can provide accurate and genuine search results. The list should help you to find the right tool for you.

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