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Revolutionizing Career Consulting with OSG: Empowering Chinese Students for Success

Since 2020, OSG Career Consulting Company (OSG) has established itself as the premier industry leader in career consulting. OSG specializes in delivering high-quality, thoughtful, and personalized consulting services tailored for Chinese students pursuing their education in North America, the United Kingdom, and China.

Unlocking Opportunities in Elite Firms

OSG’s primary objective is to guide and support its mentees in securing coveted positions within elite firms across the globe. By focusing on enhancing networking capabilities, technical knowledge, public speaking skills, and professionalism, OSG equips its mentees with the necessary tools to excel in competitive job markets.

A Network of Expert Mentors and Extensive Resources

At OSG, a network of highly-qualified and passionate mentors plays a pivotal role in enabling success. These mentors possess extensive industry experience and knowledge, providing invaluable guidance and mentorship to OSG’s mentees. Moreover, OSG offers comprehensive resources encompassing all facets of the recruiting process, ensuring its mentees have a competitive advantage.

Breaking Barriers and Shattering Myths

One of the key motivations driving OSG is to break the bamboo ceiling and debunk the myth that Chinese international students are unable to thrive in Western finance and consulting firms. They strive to equip their mentees with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in these competitive fields, bridging the gap between cultural differences and professional expectations.


OSG Career Consulting Company (OSG) has revolutionized the career consulting industry through its unwavering commitment to placing its mentees in top-tier companies worldwide. By nurturing essential skills and leveraging a network of expert mentors, OSG empowers Chinese students to achieve their professional goals. With OSG as their trusted partner, students can confidently navigate their career journeys, knowing they have access to unrivaled support and guidance.

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