The Necessary Silent Tower Fan

Now that the weather is getting hotter, it is easy to catch the flu due to poor air circulation. Moreover, many parents are worried about the safety of traditional fans. Children can easily put their hands into the fan out of curiosity, so parents have to set the fan higher, but the space is limited. Therefore, it is very important to start a tower fan. AIWA silent tower fan gives you an incredible “summer cooling apparatus.”

Tower fan:

Convection fans resemble lofty towers. Motor-driven tower fan “throws” wind from the flowing wheel. The flow wheel’s multiple fence blades split and reduce airflow swiftly. The fan’s breeze is gentler and more like natural wind than the regular fan’s.

Advantages of Silent Tower fan

Small, doesn’t take up much room, and soft, smooth airflow is nice. Small grid, 360° air supply, no dead angle. Tower fans and air conditioners provide air circulation for elderly and young households. Its 360-degree all-around air supply makes even dead corners pleasant.

Tower fan vs. normal fan:

Tower fans feature natural air, sleep air, and other settings. The wind wheel is across the flow, and the air is soothing, not like the typical electric fan, the face of a furious sweep; Finally, the tower fan is high safety, tiny grid to prevent unintentional harm to children.

Second, heat and speed regulation. Sleep wind, natural and relaxing; Normal wind, refreshing and non-harmful; Strong wind, quick heat dissipation

Multi-speed regulation for your requirements. It’s comfier than fans and AC. The wide-angle air supply will chill the entire room.

Many styles, you can pick, high appearance level, little volume, does not take space; Style is very trendy, thin tall, tiny, simply a corner may be set down; Very good receive, everyone goes according to the real circumstances of oneself house to place OK.


AIWA silent tower fan grid is a tiny, high safety protection grid, thin and narrow design, safe and guaranteed! We exclusively make excellent motors, exquisite movement, durable lubricating oil, and quiet wind sound. Beautiful AND large, safe and useful and quiet tower fan, is every family’s summer need, worth cutting hands, clever you swiftly log on AIWA website to acquire it.

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