Xbox Series X Restock August 20,22: Amazon, Microsoft Store and Best Buy

Despite being nearly two years old, it has been difficult to buy the Xbox Series X restock. There are some retailers who have stock available every now and again.

The Reasons Why it is extremely difficult to purchase the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 without having to pay scaler prices

Both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X have been difficult to buy due to a global shortage of chips and scalpers profiting from the situation to sell them at higher prices.

Although the global chip shortage has had an impact on the prices of many gadgets, the Xbox Series X and PS5 have not been as affected. Scalpers have taken advantage of the limited supply of both consoles by selling them at profit. Scalpers use bots to clear out available stock of In-Demand consoles for profit

Tech Republic wrote an article about how scalpers use bots to purchase and sell in-demand consoles at a profit. These bots automatically place orders when stock becomes available.

Regular users would find it difficult to purchase the consoles as they would need to input their data and check out before placing their order. The stock of consoles is still very limited, but GameSpot shared some information about how bundles are improving.

Bundles are Getting Better with the addition of good third-party titles

Bundles used to be a way to add random titles to the console, which wasn’t always what gamers wanted, but the latest ones include some great third-party games, according to the article. Bundles now include some of these titles, such as “Elden Ring” or “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which makes them more appealing to potential buyers.

Find Out Which Xbox Series X Restock August 2022 Locations are Most Likely To Drop:

Amazon Xbox Series X Restock

Next wave will be sent to qualified customers on August 19.

HTML3_ eBay Xbox Series Xbox X Restock

It sells for $629 brand new or $579 refurbished (scalper price).

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

Bundles are more likely to be dropped, so buyers need to be prepared.

Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

To check if the product is in stock, buyers can click “Check Stores”.

Xbox Series X Restock Buyers’ Options

Buyers must be ready to wait for stock to become available, or buy the Xbox Series X in a bundle. A bundle may not be the best option as not all features might be appealing to the buyer.

You can increase your chances of purchasing the Xbox Series X restock by following the Xbox Series X restock trackers Twitter. This will allow you to be notified when new stock arrives at different retailers.

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