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ZTT: Reliable Manufacturer of Hardware Fittings and Accessories for Power Transmission

ZTT is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and supplier of hardware fittings and accessories for various applications, including overhead transmission lines, substations, distribution lines (rural), and aerial optical fiber cables. With a successful operation performance of about 600,000 kilometers, ZTT has established itself as a professional fiber optic cable company that meets diverse customer requirements with quick delivery times. ZTT has also gained rich experience in supplying fittings and accessories for Ultra High Voltage (UHV) projects, reaching up to 1000kV (AC) and ±1100kV (DC).

Construction and Specifications

The hardware fittings and accessories manufactured by ZTT are made of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, and other suitable materials. They are designed to facilitate the connection between conductors, optical fiber cables, towers, and insulators, while bearing mechanical and/or electric loads. The tension clamps, for example, have a maximum tension strength of 1227.663kN, ensuring reliable and secure installations.

International Standards and Customization

ZTT’s hardware fittings and accessories meet international standards such as the IEC series (e.g., IEC 61284, IEC 61854, IEC 61897) and can be manufactured according to customer-specific requirements and standards like ICEA, AS, BS, DIN/VDE, IS, among others. ZTT also has the capability to produce fittings and accessories with special features, including heavy corrosion resistance, ultra-low temperature resistance, heavy ice load area suitability, river crossing capabilities, and more.

Proven Track Record and Quality Assurance

ZTT’s fittings and accessories have been successfully put into operation in approximately 600,000 kilometers of transmission lines worldwide. These products have passed industrial and national appraisals and have achieved special high-grade National Industrial Products Production Permits. ZTT’s commitment to quality is evident through its adherence to the latest national and international standards and its rigorous testing processes conducted by reputable organizations such as China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), China Electric Power Industry Power Fittings Test Center (PLAIC), Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute (SECRI), Kinectrics International Inc. Canada, KEMA, and others. The performance of ZTT’s products has reached international leading levels, making them widely used in large crossing and heavy ice area projects.


ZTT stands as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of hardware fittings and accessories for power transmission applications. With its extensive product range, adherence to international standards, and ability to customize solutions, ZTT meets the diverse requirements of customers worldwide. With a proven track record, rigorous testing processes, and a commitment to quality, ZTT’s fittings and accessories provide reliable and efficient connections for power transmission systems in various challenging environments.

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