Are You Predisposed to DVT and PE? Try out pressotherapy.

Pressotherapy is a physical therapy to prevent blood clots and maintain overall health. In this article, you’ll learn more about this therapy and why you might need to use pressotherapy machine like the GZ Longest pressotherapy system.

What exactly is a Pressotherapy System?

A pressotherapy system is a device that uses pressure to aid in the reduction of blood clots. It is frequently used in people at high risk of DVT and PE.

Pressotherapy involves applying pressure to the veins in the legs. This causes the blood to flow more slowly, reducing the likelihood of a clot forming.

Weights or springs are used in some pressotherapy systems to apply pressure. Others push and pull on the veins with paddles, discs, or balloons.

GZ Longest’s pressotherapy machine

GZ Longest’s Air Compression Therapy Machine LGT-2201DVT is fashionable and portable, with a 2.2″ OLED screen: a user-friendly display that monitors the pressure in real-time; a portable size of 2.2 kg with back and side hooks for easy movement and placement. It also has four modes and a soft pressure: 4 mode: matching all sleeves from the foot to the thigh; gradient pressure: 30-150 mmHg, meeting a wide range of clinical needs.


You should consider pressotherapy if you are at risk for DVT or PE. Pressotherapy is a treatment method that employs high-pressure waves to reduce the size and number of blood clots in the body. This can be a helpful way to avoid these conditions, and it is effective in some cases. If you have any questions about our products or services, please get in touch with GZ Longest.

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