Chris Chan: Who are you? Why is he Trending on Twitter? Sonichu creator sentenced to jail for raping his mother

The Internet is abuzz with a word that is trending on Twitter. It is also a name of Chris Chan, a well-known personality. Chris Chan, the creator of Sonichu, also referred to himself by his name as Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu, has become a popular trend on the Internet since July 30th. Many netizens are eager to find out the truth behind the trend and search the Internet for more information.

Chris Chan is who?

His real name is Christine Weston Chandler “Chris” Chandler. He is a 39 year old creator better known online under the CwcvillGaurdian moniker. After his Sonichu web series went viral among viewers and readers, the creator became well-known.

Many netizens now want to know why his popularity is so high and what the reasons are. We have removed all information about his trend. He used to be very quiet on his social media accounts. However, he uploaded a short video just three days ago. He is also very active on Youtube, where his followers can share their lives. Let’s now find out why he is so popular on Youtube. His disappearance seems to be a sign of serious illness. Why is he Trending on Twitter?

Sonichu Chan and Chris Chan were popular on Twitter in July. This attracted many netizens across the globe. He is also a comic creator, and the author of the popular comic or cartoon Sonichu and Rosechu. As an author, his name is Christopher and Ricardo.

Chris Chan is a popular social media user, but he doesn’t spend too much time online and doesn’t keep up with his followers. He has approximately 27K Twitter followers at the moment and posted his last video on 2019 on Twitter.

He was also last active on Instagram July 12, posting his mother’s photo and writing that he had cut his mother’s hair for the first time. Although he has over 8K followers, he rarely shares about his personal life.

The most important thing is why she is trending on Twitter. His trend was caused by him being trolled online for his inappropriate behavior and controversial comic. It could be a normal trick to gain fame among fans, or it could be something psychedelic. The news wasn’t good enough for me to hear.

Sources and rumors claim that Chris Chan was arrested for raping and assaulting his mother, aged 80, in her mother’s home. According to the latest investigation, disturbing audio recordings and conversations have been released over the Internet. This suggests that Chris Chan raped his mother, who has more dementia.

Chris Chan wrote in the disturbing conversation that his mother was stopping him from touching her, but he told his friend that his mother Bard had used to it. Chris Chan’s viral videos have made him a headline.

Police have confirmed that Christine Weston Chandler (Chris Chan), was arrested and taken to jail. He was taken to Henrico County Regional Jail West, Virginia. To find out more about this crime, the investigation has begun.

He created Sonichu, which is a comic that combines two characters, Hedgehogs and Pikachu, in 2000. The comic became a worldwide phenomenon in 2007 after seven years. Chris Chan gained many fans during her trend and perhaps the trend wasn’t enough for her.

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