Amazon PS5 Restock Spotted for $475: Changes in Restock

Just recently, a PS5 restock tracker twitter account with new stock on Amazon has surfaced. It was described as an “used” console, which is the sad part of this news.

The PS5 Restock Tracker Twitter Accounts Are No Longer Sharing Much Information About New Stock

Some buyers were able purchase the highly-coveted PlayStation 5 through restock trackers such as Wario64 via Twitter. These accounts would tweet whenever new stock was discovered online.

Stocks that make notification are either bundles of consoles or singles, both brand new. The PlayStation5 In Stock Tracker Twitter Account shared a notification about a “used” PlayStation 5 being sold at Amazon Warehouse for $475.

How to Get Amazon PS5 Restock

However, those who want to buy the PS5 on Amazon will need to go through a more difficult process. If users visit Amazon and search for Amazon’s Choice PlayStation 5 console they will see a button to “Request Invitation” (for browser users).

According to the website, the console will be made available only by invitation. The highly-demanded item will also not be available in large quantities. Site also states that not all requests will get granted, so not everyone may be able access the console.

To purchase the PS5 Restock, buyers must ‘Request an Invitation’ from Amazon

Amazon notes that the latest wave of invitations was sent to customers who qualify on September 2. To purchase the PS5 restock at Amazon, customers will need to click the “Request Invitation” button and then follow the steps.

The PS5 restock was launched over a year ago. This is due to many factors in the industry. The shortage of semiconductors, the fact that most orders can be placed online and the rise in gamers who want to play at home are just a few examples.

Sony will increase the price of its PlayStation 5 console

In an article by Digital Trends, Sony recently announced that it would raise the price of its PS5 consoles. According to reports, the reason for the price rise was inflation and currency trends.

Buyers who are not located in the United States won’t be affected. Jim Ryan is the CEO of PlayStation. He stated that the global economic climate is a challenge that many people around the world are facing.

The Future may see an increase in prices in the United States

The PlayStation CEO stated that they are experiencing high inflation rates worldwide and adverse currency trends, which is putting pressure on many industries.

It is not known if the United States will be affected by the price rise in the future. The article also stated that “Sony could always change its mind in future.”

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