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Conprofe Ultrasonic: Pioneering Sustainable and Precision Machining Solutions

Conprofe Ultrasonic, a leading CNC machine manufacturer, has established itself as an industry leader by developing innovative machining centers and cuttingedge solutions for challenging materials. With a focus on hardtocut advanced materials, Conprofe’s patented Rotary Ultrasonic Machining (RUM) and MQL/ScCOz cooling technologies have revolutionized the machining industry. Not only does Conprofe deliver economic benefits such as shorter cycle times, longer tool life, and superior surface quality, but it also strives to promote environmental sustainability by replacing traditional flood coolants with its UltrasonicGreen Machine Tools.

  1. Semiconductor:

Conprofe’s UltrasonicGreen Machine Tools find extensive use in the semiconductor industry. They enable precise and efficient machining, contributing to improved productivity and product quality.

  1. Aerospace:

Aerospace manufacturers benefit from Conprofe’s machining centers, capable of handling mediumlarge parts with extensive travel capacity. The tools deliver high precision and reliability, meeting the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

  1. Medical:

Conprofe’s UltrasonicGreen Machine Tools offer superior machining capabilities for medical applications. They ensure precise and efficient fabrication of medical components, contributing to advancements in healthcare.

  1. Consumable Electronics:

Conprofe’s innovative machining solutions cater to the demands of the consumable electronics industry. They enable highquality and efficient manufacturing processes, supporting the production of electronic devices.

  1. Automotive:

The automotive industry benefits from Conprofe’s machining centers, which deliver precision and productivity. These tools contribute to the production of critical automotive components with exceptional quality and durability.

  1. General Precision Manufacturing:

Conprofe’s UltrasonicGreen Machine Tools find applications in general precision manufacturing. They provide versatile machining capabilities, enabling the production of highquality precision components.


Conprofe Ultrasonic has established itself as a pioneering force in the field of ultrasonic machining. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Conprofe’s UltrasonicGreen Machine Tools have revolutionized the machining industry. By delivering economic benefits and promoting environmental friendliness, Conprofe’s solutions are widely adopted in industries such as aviation & aerospace, semiconductors, medical, consumable electronics, automotive, and general precision manufacturing.

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