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Exploring the Market of Shower Trays: What’s the Ultimate Choice

Shower trays are an essential component of any bathroom, as they provide a base for the shower area and ensure proper drainage of water. However, not all shower trays are created equal, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your bathroom. One of the most popular and innovative types of shower trays in the market today is DAYA‘s shower tray with a linear drain. Unlike traditional shower trays that have a circular or square drain in the center or corner, shower tray with linear drain have a long and narrow drain that runs along one side or end of the tray.

Design flexibility

The product enables the use of large-format tiles on the shower floor, as they only require a single slope towards the drain. This creates a seamless and modern look for the bathroom and eliminates the need for small mosaic tiles that can be difficult to install and maintain. The product also offers various options for colors, textures, and materials for the shower tray, as well as different styles and finishes for the linear drain.

Water efficiency

The product has a high drainage capacity, which prevents water from pooling or overflowing on the shower floor. It also has a removable cover that allows for easy cleaning of the drain and prevention of clogging. Moreover, the product is waterproof and resistant to moisture and mold, which ensures a hygienic and durable shower environment.


DAYA’s Shower tray with linear drain is one of the best products in the market of shower trays, as they offer many benefits and features that make them stand out from other brands. Its unique drain system ensures that water is quickly and efficiently removed from the shower area. Businesses may streamline their operations and offer excellent customer experiences by embracing DAYA’s innovation.

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