Endless Hope of Helping Others: Introducing Mindray’s AEDs

AED represents first aid equipment and cherishing life and helping others. Mindray is a professional AED for schools supplier in China, and they introduced the importance of AEDs for first aid.

Features of Mindray’s AEDs for schools

Unlike traditional defibrillators, Mindray’s AEDs do not require a professional to operate. Considering the application scenario of AED for school, the school is crowded, and the rescuer may not have professional medical knowledge reserve, so Mindray sets up a highly automated first aid procedure for AED for school and provides a detailed and vivid tutorial to guide the first aider to perform first aid.

It automatically analyzes the patient’s physical condition. It decides whether to perform electroshock defibrillation, so the user does not have to worry about using the AED to cause secondary damage to the patient.

The system is highly intelligent and will only deliver a shock when the defibrillation conditions are fully met.


Simplicity and ease of understanding are also points that the AED clearly states to meet. During defibrillation, the AED gives instructions via voice and screen, clearly telling the user how to operate each step.

One point to note is that first responders and bystanders must keep a distance from the patient to prevent the apparatus from being electrocuted during defibrillation.

Please visit Mindray‘s official website for further information on their quality AED supplies!

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