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SmallRig Follow Focus System: Enhance Your Filmmaking with Precise Focus Control

When it comes to achieving precise focus control in your filmmaking endeavors, SmallRig is a brand you can trust. SmallRig’s innovative follow focus systems, including the Follow Focus F60 3850, are designed to elevate your filmmaking experience. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of SmallRig’s follow focus systems, showcasing how they can enhance your creative vision and attract users seeking exceptional focus control.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenient Operation

The Follow Focus F60 3850 features adjustable non-stop damping that provides a comfortable feel during operation. This allows for smooth and precise focus adjustments, enhancing your overall shooting experience. Additionally, the system includes a 3-step switch to reverse rotation, providing added flexibility for different shooting scenarios. SmallRig understands the importance of comfort and convenience in filmmaking, and their follow focus system delivers on both fronts.

Modular Design and High Compatibility for Versatile Integration

SmallRig’s Follow Focus F60 3850 boasts a modular design, ensuring high compatibility with various camera setups and lenses. This versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate the system into your existing equipment, adapting to your specific needs. Furthermore, the detachable palm support provides additional stability during shooting, minimizing camera shake and resulting in smoother footage. SmallRig’s follow focus systems are designed to enhance your efficiency and versatility on set.


SmallRig’s follow focus systems, exemplified by the Follow Focus F60 3850, offer filmmakers precise focus control and elevate their filmmaking endeavors. With new materials and fine-tune ability, SmallRig ensures superior performance and durability. The adjustable non-stop damping and convenient operation enhance comfort during use, allowing for smooth focus adjustments. The modular design and high compatibility provide versatility and seamless integration with your existing camera setup. Trust in SmallRig’s commitment to innovation and quality, and experience the power of their follow focus systems in taking your filmmaking to new heights. Achieve precise focus control with SmallRig and capture breathtaking shots that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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