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Sungrow Powers Poland’s Biggest PV Project in Rzezawa with 60MWp Capacity

Sungrow, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, has marked a significant milestone by completing a 60MWp PV project in Rzezawa, Poland. This commercial solar system stands as the largest Sungrow-powered project in the country, showcasing the company’s commitment to driving the clean energy transition. With its fuse-free design and cutting-edge technology, Sungrow’s contribution to this ambitious venture has cemented its position as a reliable and innovative partner in the renewable energy sector.

Sungrow Powers Poland's Biggest PV Project in Rzezawa with 60MWp Capacity

A Fusion of Efficiency and Reliability

The 60MWp PV project in Rzezawa boasts a state-of-the-art design featuring Sungrow’s SG250HX string inverters and MVS6300-LV MV stations. The SG250HX, renowned for its high efficiency and seamless integration capabilities, optimizes the energy conversion process, ensuring maximum power generation from the photovoltaic panels. The MVS6300-LV MV stations provide robust and reliable medium-voltage support, contributing to the project’s overall performance and grid stability.

Fuse-Free Design for Streamlined Operations

Sungrow’s innovative fuse-free design at this major PV project in Rzezawa streamlines operations and enhances system reliability. The elimination of fuses minimizes maintenance requirements and potential points of failure, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted power production. This cutting-edge feature aligns perfectly with Sungrow’s commitment to providing low-maintenance and highly-efficient energy solutions to its clients.

Accelerating Poland’s Clean Energy Transformation

The successful completion of the 60MWp PV project in Rzezawa represents a significant stride towards Poland’s clean energy transformation. As the largest Sungrow-powered project in the country, this installation signifies a major step in harnessing renewable energy sources to meet the region’s power demands sustainably. Sungrow’s collaboration in this project further solidifies its position as a trusted partner in advancing Poland’s renewable energy goals.


Sungrow’s contribution to the 60MWp PV project in Rzezawa, Poland, has been pivotal in driving the country’s clean energy transformation. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and streamlined operations, Sungrow’s technology has powered the biggest PV project in the region. As the renewable energy sector continues to evolve, Sungrow remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions that accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future for Poland and beyond.

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