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What Is A Self Excitation Alternator, And How Do They Work?

Self-excitation alternators are an important part of a generator system as they convert mechanical power from the engine or propeller shaft into electrical power.

Intro to self-excitation alternator

A self-excitation alternator is an alternator that uses a permanent magnet to create the magnetic field required for alternator operation. Unlike other alternators, self-excitation does not require an external power source to create the initial magnetic field. This makes self-excitation alternators ideal for applications where an external power source is not available or practical, such as in portable generators and automotive applications.

Self-excitation alternators work by using a permanent magnet to create a magnetic field that induces a current in the stator windings. The current flowing through the stator windings creates a magnetic field of its own, which interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet to keep the alternator running.

The main advantage of self-excitation over other alternators is that it does not require an external power source to create the initial magnetic field. This means self-excitation alternators are much more portable and can be used in various applications. Additionally, self-excitation eliminates the need for brushes and slip rings, which reduces maintenance requirements.

Why Use A Self Excitation Alternator?

There are many reasons to use a self-excitation alternator. One reason is that they are much more efficient than other alternators. They are also much smaller and lighter, making them ideal for applications where space and weight are limited. Additionally, self-excitation alternators are much easier to maintain and repair than other types of alternators.


Self-excitation alternators are generators that use an internal electrical source to produce the initial magnetic field. This makes them more efficient than other generators, as they don’t require an external power source. There are many reliable self-excitation alternators, such as EvoTec Power.

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