What is Binh Lung? Instructions on how to best arrange cards to avoid leaks

Mau Binh is known as one of the most popular card games today. Long-time gamers are probably familiar with the term mercenary in trade war. However, there are still many people who do not understand what pacification is. In the following article, vnew88 will explain to you what Binh Lon is and how to best arrange Mau Binh cards.

What is a leaky soldier?

To understand what Binh Lung is, you need to learn about the game Mau Binh. When participating in this game, each player will be dealt 13 cards. Players will then use their skills and tactics to arrange them into 3 different branches. The first and middle branches usually have 5 leaves, the back branches have 3 leaves.

Binh Lung is a concept used in the card game Mau Binh – The card game is also known as Gray Binh Xap. If the player does not arrange the cards according to the rules of the game, it will be counted as a flop. As a result, at the end of the game, that player will be considered a total loser and will not be allowed to compare cards in any round.

Any player when playing the game Mau Binh always wants to avoid falling into a situation of leaky soldiers. The reason is because leaky soldiers cause players to lose a lot of money, even empty-handed. In addition, in a game of Mau Binh, if you fall into the situation of having a broken soldier, you will be considered a poor player.

These cases are considered broken soldiers in the Mau Binh game

Mau Binh is a strategy game that requires a lot of skills to win. In particular, to win, you must not violate the rules when arranging cards. The following are some cases of being classified as mercenaries.

The player violates the rules of card placement

Each player in the card game will be dealt 13 cards. They will be arranged into branches in the order 5-5-3. If you change the number of cards to 3-5-5 or 5-3-5 in each hand, you will be considered a violation and lose.

Arrange the front limbs to be smaller than the hind limbs

If the player has pair A and pair J in hand and the player places pair J before pair A, the system will count it as a hole. In the rules of Mau Binh game, the front limbs need to be ranked stronger than the hind limbs. Pair A > pair J, so if the pair J is placed first, the player will be counted as a loose pair.

Arrange the tender in the last or middle branches

Mau Bi in Mau Binh is said to have the greatest strength and they can help you steal your opponent’s cards. Therefore, such cards will be prioritized in the first hand. If you are new and do not understand the square and the square rule as well as the law of the square and the square, it is very likely that you will mistakenly classify them in the middle and last branches. Please pay attention.
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Arrange 5 cards of the same suit together in the first hand

If you own 5 cards of the same suit, you are very lucky, these are considered the strongest cards. Therefore, these 5 cards need to be placed in the middle and last hands. This is a rule you need to pay attention to. If you don’t clearly understand what Binh Lung is and the rules of the game, please find out right away.

Put the lobby destruction box in the last limb

When playing Mau Binh cards, please clearly understand the rules of card arrangement. The hall-breaking barrel is considered a strong limb. Players need to place them in the middle or first group. You should pay attention to this case, avoid the case of your deck being weaker as well as placing it incorrectly, leading to leaks.

How to arrange cards to avoid falling into a situation of unevenness

To avoid falling into the situation of leaking cards, players need to accumulate methods of arranging cards in accordance with the rules of trading cards. The following are the most popular and effective ways of arranging cards in Mau Binh.

Arrange the 3 branches in ascending order

According to statistics, the method of arranging 3 cards in order from smallest to largest is a method applied by many players. With 13 cards, the player will put the weak card first and the strong card next. Normally, when comparing cards, if the front hand loses, the possibility of winning the back hand is quite high.

Arrange the hall/box/flood in the first limb

Understanding leaks and the cases in which they are counted as leaks will help you avoid them and arrange cards more effectively. Placing the hall/box/flood in the first limb is a safe and wise method. In the remaining branches, you should arrange deals to increase your winning rate. However, if the trade is large, consider placing them in the last category.

Arranged in a 3-blade style

With the 3-card arrangement, you need a little luck in the process of dealing cards. In this case, you will arrange the lobby in the tournament leg, 3 doubles teams will arrange in the bottom and middle legs. The 3 strongest pairs will be ranked in the middle, the 3 strongest pairs will be ranked in the middle.

Understanding what a leak is and the cases that count as a leak, you can absolutely make accurate judgments as well as wise decisions when playing the game.Bookmaker  New88 Believe that you have a clear grasp of the gameplay to have more confidence in participating in card games and winning more!

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