What is CSGO?  Instructions for Playing CSGO Betting Game at S666

CSGO is known as a famous Esports betting game, popular at most betting sites, including S666.ing. Joining this game, you will experience betting at most big and small tournaments. So the betting game What is CSGO? How to play and bet on this game? Below, we will guide players to participate in CSGO in the most standard and methodical way.

Explain what CSGO is?

First, you need to understand What is CSGO? CSGO is a quite popular video game with young people today. Therefore, this game was added by bookmaker S666 to its Esports lobby. The house will set betting odds for this game, the participant’s task is to choose a bet and place money on that bet.

If the match result matches the player’s prediction and bet, the participant will win and receive an equivalent bonus.

In Vietnam, CSGO betting is not very popular and not yet known to many people. However, in some other areas in Asia or Europe, the number of people participating in betting is very large.

Why do players choose CSGO betting?

Currently, many people choose to bet on CSGO because of outstanding advantages such as:

  • The reward for winning a bet is large and positive.
  • There are many types of betting that participants can place bets on.
  • Pay rewards quickly and easily after winning bets
  • High network connection speed helps placing bets quickly

What is CSGO betting? What is the most popular type at S666?

Surely new players will not understand the odds csgo là gì. In essence, this term refers to the odds that the house offers players. Currently, there are some popular types of CSGO bets today such as:

Handicap (handicap bet)

Handicap shows the difference between two teams and the numbers will represent the handicap of the upper team compared to the lower team. The team with the upper handicap will be the handicap team while the lower handicap team will be the handicapped team.

After the game ends, if the underdog wins, the participant will win by choosing the underdog. If the favorite team wins with a score higher than the handicap, the person betting on the favorite team will win.

O/U bet or over/under

When explaining What is CSGO? There will be no shortage of over/under bets. With this type of betting, players will bet over or under for the total number of points that 2 achieve. If everyone thinks the score is lower than the number set by the house, the player should choose under and otherwise choose over.

Bet on the team to win the championship

Participants will predict the team that will win first between the two teams. If the guess is correct, the player will win the bet and receive a reward.

Instructions for betting CSGO on the S666 bookmaker system

After understanding the form of betting What is CSGO? And if you want to experience the entertaining game, everyone needs to follow the instructions below.


The first step players need to do is register an account to be able to participate in betting. Access the S666 website and click the “Register” button. Then, fill in all the necessary information and then click the “Confirm” button to complete the registration.

Players should note that they must fill in their bank account number to be able to withdraw their winnings from the house.


After successfully registering a betting account at S666, the next step players need to take is to deposit money into the account. Only when the player has money in his wallet can he participate in betting at the house.

Specifically, people just need to click on the “Deposit” box. Enter the amount of money the player wants to deposit into the account then press the “Confirm” button. The bookmaker supports most banks in Vietnam and both Momo wallets and phone scratch cards. Wait for a message from the system confirming the player has successfully deposited money.

Select CSGO betting hall

Once you have money in your account, the next thing players need to do is choose a CSGO betting hall they like and press “Join”. After entering the betting lobby, you choose the type of bet you want with the team you believe in. To better understand What is CSGO? You should also read the bookmaker’s instructions in advance.

Place money and receive bet tickets

After you have selected the lobby and the bet is completed, you proceed to enter the desired bet amount. Next, the player receives the bet ticket and waits for the bet to begin. If the player wins, he or she will receive a notification and the player can withdraw the prize money immediately afterwards.

So, we have explained it in detail What is CSGO? along with basic bets. If you are new and have no experience playing this game, you should refer to all of the above information. In addition, players need to register an account and deposit money into the game. Only then can you play CSGO game to make real money at the house. Just choose the match, the winning team can participate in this game.

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