MB66 Charity Fund – Joining hands for Community Development

MB66 Charity is a charity organization established by MB66 bz unit. With the common goal of building a developed and happy community, we have participated in many charitable activities. Contribute to spreading love to people in difficult circumstances. In this article, we will learn about these meaningful activities.

MB66 Charity participates in implementing activities

MB66 com always values ​​contributing to the community and always sets the goal of sustainable development. Not only in the field of entertainment products business but also in charity activities. Since its establishment, MB66 charity has participated in many activities such as donating money, giving gifts and participating in charity programs.

MB66 contributes to the community

One of MB66’s typical charity activities is contributing money to build learning facilities for poor children in remote areas. According to statistics from the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO). Vietnam currently has about 1.5 million children who are not able to go to school due to difficult family circumstances.

With the desire to help children have a better learning environment, MB66 charity has contributed a large amount of money to build new learning facilities and renovate old ones. Help thousands of children have the opportunity to learn and develop better.

In addition, MB66 bz also regularly organizes money-raising programs to support orphanages and seriously ill children. These activities have helped hundreds of children have better living conditions and opportunities for future development.

Typical charity activities of MB66

In addition to donating money, MB66 also participates in many other charity activities such as giving gifts to poor children, organizing art shows to raise charity funds and participating in volunteer activities. In particular, we also organize free exchange and entertainment programs for poor children and orphans. Not only does it help children have hours of fun and entertainment, but it also helps them gain faith in life and the love of the community.

One of MB66’s special charity activities is organizing gift giving programs for poor patients and lonely elderly people. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, Vietnam currently has about 10 million lonely elderly people and more than 20 million poor people who do not have access to medical services.

Wishing to help these people, MB66 has organized donation programs and given gifts to them. Small gifts such as food, medicine or essential items have helped thousands of poor and lonely elderly people have a better life.

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MB66 spreads love to Vietnamese people

Not only contributing to the community with money, từ thiện MB66 also spread love and sharing to people in difficult circumstances by participating in volunteer activities. MB66 com has become one of the most loved and trusted charities in Vietnam.

MB66 participates in volunteer activities

MB66 always encourages its employees to participate in volunteer activities to join hands in building a better community. MB66’s volunteer activities often involve helping children, the elderly and people in difficult circumstances. This has helped members of the organization have meaningful experiences and feel happiness when spreading love to those in need.

MB66 Charity joins hands for a better future

MB66 not only stops at contributing and participating in current charity activities but also has bigger plans for the future. The organizer is planning to build free education centers for poor children and care centers for the lonely elderly. Help thousands of children and the elderly have a better learning and living environment, thereby having the opportunity to develop and contribute to the community in the future.

With the desire to bring a Vietnam where no one is left behind, MB66 charity will strive every day to bring practical meaning to the community. To achieve that, we need support from members who have been participating in the MB66 bz playground.


MB66 Charity Fund is a charity organization with great influence on the community. With diverse and positive charity activities, MB66 bz has contributed to spreading love and sharing to those still in difficult circumstances. Hopefully in the future, we will continue to have meaningful charity activities and bring a lot of joy to the community.

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