What Is The Real-Time PCR System, And Why Do You Need It

Real-time PCR systems allow you to test more samples at a time and in less time than ever, so what are the best reasons for using one? Read on to find out.

What is real-time PCR?

A real-time PCR system is a technology that allows for detecting and quantifying specific DNA sequences in a sample within a very short time frame. This is important because it allows for the identification and measurement of changes in gene expression over time. The real-time PCR system also allows for the simultaneous interpretation of multiple experiments, which can help to improve the accuracy and precision of the results.

Why do you need a real-time PCR system?

A real-time PCR system is a valuable tool for the laboratory. It allows for more precise and timely measurements, which can be important when investigating complex biological systems. A real-time PCR system can also be used to identify and track genetic mutations.

A reliable real-time PCR system from Sansure:  SLAN®-96P Real-Time PCR System

Precise Temperature Control System:

  1. The SLAN®system adopts Peltier technology which can accurately and quickly control increases and decreases of temperature with a precision of ±0.1℃ and features long service life, no noise, and no pollution, etc.;
  2. Multiple-point temperature control technology ensures uniformity between different wells. The temperature correction technology guarantees the accuracy of temperature and thus ensures the accuracy of assay result;
  3. PCR tube temperature-control technology guarantees the accuracy of the actual temperature of the reagent in the tube and enables the SLAN®to easily adjust for different reactions using different volumes.

Sensitive Photoelectric Detection System

  1. High sensitivity photoelectric detector with no background noise, which is fast and stable;
  2. Lifetime maintenance-free ultra-bright LED cold light source with a large signal value and high stability;
  3. Unique optical fiber conduction technology that greatly improves fluorescence collection efficiency and avoids fluorescence interference between neighboring tubes;
  4. The system automatically selects the best gain value for each tube without requiring user configuration. The SLAN®has an extremely broad measuring range for fluorescence;
  5. Extremely high detection sensitivity with an extremely low fluorescence background value. It’s not necessary for users to make optical corrections or background corrections.


A real-time PCR system is a powerful tool that can be used to identify specific genes and mutations in a sample. The benefits of using a real-time PCR system include detecting mutations and gene expression quickly, making it an important tool for genetic analysis. Additionally, a real-time PCR system can be used to determine the purity of a sample, which can be useful for research purposes.

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